Tuesday, November 18, 2008


do I give into the hype? I suppose I should at least give the books a try. Hell I still need to read the Harry Potter series. Seen all of the movies but not read any of the books as of yet. hmmmm that might be a great Christmas idea for a certain young man that I know and that way Mommy can borrow them when he is finished.


jen said...

Give in to the hype! I did and am loving it! Read all the books and have my movie ticket!!!

Missybw said...

You know I did back in the Summer. Can't wait until the movie this weekend!!!

Chris Curtin said...

Read the Harry Potter books. They are surprisingly well written for their target audience.

No interest in Twilight here, yet. Deb's best friend is all over it though so I guess we'll read them next.