Monday, November 17, 2008

just do not like his music

Tom Petty
and while I am at it not all that keen on Bob Dylan. Oh and The Beach Boys, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd sooo do not get them either.
So there it is then it's all I got tonight....
I really need XM radio.


Cathy said...

I must now delete you from my feed. ;-P No. I'll keep you in feed and you can just let me have the marketing materials for them. Seriously though, I love them so much that I have seen three out of the five in concert. Actually, I've only seen Pink Floyd and Tom Petty once, but I've seen the Beach Boys three times in concert because they were Mud Island regulars.

overtly trite said...

in all fairness I should not write Petty off completely my complaint is with local radio they just don't play any of his stuff that I like