Sunday, November 30, 2008

glad we only have the one

because he won't stop talking to me, following me, asking questions, asking for food, can he have a hug, what about television, can he play computer, can he join this web site, what about that one, ohhh what can he do now, is it time for dinner yet, what are we having? Oh my God if I had more than one person doing this today I would wind up in a sanatorium. Heck if the one I got does not stop soon I might wind up there yet. Although if there were another rugrat maybe they could bug each other and leave Mommy alone?


marsha said...

LOL!! my husband could be sitting in the living room watching TV while I am upstairs in the master bedroom talking a long needed bath and one of my children will still find their way up to me to ask for something their Dad could get them or do for them. :) It's what mommyhood is all about.

overtly trite said...

I still do not understand that one either-we had the Daddy is in the living room ask him he isn't doing anything right this second conversation last week as well!
clearly it is is goal in life to drive me crazy :)