Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the wearing of dead animals

I am not taking any sort of moral stance here come on I wear leather, am a meat eater, in fact my favorite meat is little milk-fed baby cows that aren't allowed to walk so while I have zero desire to own one the idea of a mink coat does not offend terribly much. I am however curious about the when & where of well wearing them. the Kroger? or perhaps the full length mink on campus this morning? Now maybe she was going to a lunch
or something but the coat just seemed a little out of place on the campus of a community college. I'm thinking if I owned a mink it would only get worn on special occasions, out to dinner, social functions maybe church not just roaming around town but who knows if I had one I might indeed where it everywhere...


Byron Chesney said...

When I was in the Houston Airport a couple of weeks ago, there was a lady walking around in a full length fur coat. Out from underneath the coat you could see she was wearing red, yellow, and green striped socks, and she had on purple shoes. She looked very hot and irritated. I saw her about 2-hours later and she had the sleeves removed but still wearing the coat. She was just wandering around the airport like a homeless person. Yeah that was random but thought I'd share.

On a side note: When I was around 10 or 11 years old, I had been squirrel hunting. I cut off the tails from the squirrels that I had shot and put them in my coat pocket. I forgot all about them until a week later when my mother started searching for the strange smell coming from the hall closet. Yep, you guessed it, it was those dadgum squirrel tails stinking! I guess I was wearing around dead animals for a while there myself!

overtly trite said...

a week? bet that was a really pretty smell bleech!