Friday, May 9, 2008

support local radio

if you still listen to the radio check out WUTK or if you prefer you can check it out online I am pretty sure they stream live. It truly is college radio at it's finest plus program director is Benny Smith Knoxville's best unsung hero in my estimation, he is truly a force on the local music scene and has been since I've known him. Also check out the Metro Pulse this week for a great story about him!
and if you have a couple grand to endow all the better

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Missybw said...

I like UTK, a lot. Whenever I listen to terrestrial radio, it's either them or WUOT because I'm an NPR nut. Most of the time, though, I'm listening to XM. Bob's fault, he got me hooked long ago. We have them everywhere. The one I miss the most is WNCW. I still support them financially and wish they'd give us back our translator.