Friday, March 14, 2008

off to the races

D scored some tickets for Bristol tomorrow so the boys are off to the racetrack for the day. C is of course over the moon about going to the race. D got 3 tix but is taking along one of his friends, I must admit I would have liked to go however that said D's buddy is a race fan and will enjoy the ticket far more than I would. Not to mention a day to myself always novel and welcome!
agenda for the day?
-go back to bed after getting boys out the door
-catch up on DVR'd shows
-movies? In Bruges got a recommend and I have been wanting to see it
-couch shopping
-trip to the book store
-a nap?
the possibilities are endless


Missybw said...

Not to mention that you can only watch cars go around in a circle for so long before you need a Margarita or 12. Unfortunately NASCAR isn't urbane and civilized enough yet (you know, like Formula 1 or the other open-wheel racing circuits) and they don't allow anything but ice-cold-beer to go with the Lynyrd Skynyrd and Firebird Trans-Ams out in the infield! Oops, my snark is showing, better get another cup of coffee!

nobody said...

oooo margaritas
I know what I'm doing for lunch tomorrow :)
heathens only beer? it'll be a bummer for D since he has sworn off beer

Dedra said...

Hey. I was on Suburban Turmoil's blog and saw "Knoxville" and thought I would say hello. I am in Knoxville as well. I will keep an eye on your blog as I love to read them.

If you are interested mine is

Hope you had fun at the race!