Wednesday, April 20, 2011

why yes I am just talking to hear myself talk

I believe we have hit the hard of hearing tween/teen years with C.
He has a big end of the year project involving reading a biography, further research of biography's subject, writing a speech about said person and some sort of visual poster type thing and a costume of some kind to represent this person. After some dithering back and forth George Washington Carver was chosen, a book procured & I asked C to start reading a couple of chapters at a time while taking copious notes to assist in the rest of the project. After the first few chapters I suggested he might try to take better more detailed notes of the chapters
"yes Mom"
Naturally the note taking did not get much better. The first installment of the project, a series of questions to aid in the speech is due next Tuesday. I asked that he begin to start filling that out, in his notebook so we could go over it before it got put to paper. Of course he started writing it on the paper directly and already two questions in I need to buy white they still make white out? Not to mention he did not even touch the stuff till I walked in the door and asked him why he was not working on it.
At some point I needed to dash out & pick something up just as David texted in instructions for C to take care of some general household cleaning duties. C was concerned which should he do first? I told him do chores then get back to his project. I must have been a little short & exasperated with him because while I was out he sent "I am sorry" text. I replied that it was fine he just need to make sure his chores & school work were always done before tv time.
And I swear I could not make this up C texted me back "does this mean I can watch tv now?'
NO work on your project

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