Sunday, April 24, 2011

hair today gone tomorrow

technically it was gone yesterday, I finally reached my tipping point and had my head shaved. I rather shocked the staff at the salon but it was painless on my end. Funnily enough they made me sign something which they assured me was standard anytime a customer was wanting something drastic done, they offered my a big glass of red wine and asked it I would like to go somewhere private. I declined on the private and accepted the wine and it was done. It freaked me out a little once I left the shop but I am very used to wearing hats at this point. MIL did buy me a wig which I need to get trimmed this week finally so I can wear it but the bad doesn't bother a bit. Well the look doesn't, I did find my head got chilly once the AC kicked in at the house, easily fixed by a bandanna. Going to sleep was a bit strange at first I think thread count on my pillowcases is going to be more important than ever but all in all I am happy with my decision. Now fingers crossed it will all grow back in time!


Mr. Booni said...

I got a haircut today, too. Probably not as big a deal, eh?

overtly trite said...

LOL not so much