Tuesday, April 19, 2011

not a morning person

not that this is new information or anything I am considering the fact that I need a new system for the morning routines. It took me over an hour to make lunches & breakfast for the family, including the dog (he only got breakfast no pb & jelly for Oscar) and then getting myself & C out the door (he is not a morning person either, again not a news flash). I prefer a coffee filled and maybe some catching up on facebook time while watching the news to ease into my day. It would seem I have always been doomed to these tasks as back in the day getting my brother & myself squared away & out the door when my mother went back to work so many years ago. Of course I would lay a lot of it out the night before so it took less thought & effort. We seemed to eat chicken roll or chicken loaf for lunch, a lot & the thought makes me a little queasy what in the heck was it made of? Chicken should not come in loaf form. Anywho I need to take some time at the end of the evenings and organize my assembly line so my mornings can be spent with a little more goof off time.

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