Monday, August 24, 2009

a tale of two grocery shops

the one without the kid...
-did not include a running commentary on life, liberty & the pursuit of pop-tarts
-not one requests for said pop-tarts, snack food, juice, toys or even magazines was heard
-no gum requests
-I did not have to have a lengthy discussion about what I was serving for dinner that night (does not matter if it's 2 am he is always concerned with what the evening's menu will be)
-shopping did not come to a halt so he could run after any & every friend he has ever made in his entire life
-not once did I have to utter the phrase "well when you are paying for groceries you can buy whatever you like"

the downside of shopping alone being...
-no one to fetch the bread or onion or can of soup that I forgot in aisle X Y or Z
-no one to reach down and get that can of refried beans I don't want to reach for
-no one to remember that I forgot to put dog treats on my list
-and last but certainly not least no one to help me carry all these bags into the house

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