Saturday, August 22, 2009

has an onion

yes it happened I managed to drag both boys to the JC Penny portrait studio and we had a family portrait taken. It is like pulling teeth to get David to agree to do this evidenced by the fact that the last one we have was 4 maybe 5 years ago...Of course I did not want matchy matchy outfits like we were the Von Trapp family or anything but co-ordinating would have been nice that naturally went out the window fairly quickly but still everyone looked nice and presentable. Major problem would be the fact that David never smiles which makes things take longer and while the photographer wanted to shoot some more the boys were over it & done fairly quickly. My mistake scheduling this before dinner but okay fine I was hopeful we could find a picture I liked. Some were better than others but I found nothing overwhelming I settled on one I could live with but of course David did not and we wound up with the photo that the boys look good in but I hate the way I turned out. Oddly enough I though it turned out better in the sepia print so I did order a 10x13 for the wall but I should have gone back and ordered the one where David looks like Shrek 'cause that one that one was my best one! I still might because I think these are available for another 90 days online..

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