Saturday, August 29, 2009

travelocity & customer service...not so much

so booked tickets to see Penn & Teller for myself & trusty sidekick for when we are in Vegas. Really we are going for work I swear and trust me the trade show is exhausting especially when you are cramming it into 2 days but I digress(cause we really will be working). Looking at ticket info etc we have to have tickets printed up for us by 1 pm day of the show even though we have purchased said tickets online already. As we land at 4:30 we seemed to have a problem with timing so I called to see what can be done and well evidently nothing can be done for us at all they could rebook for another night of course we would not get the promotional deal and tickets would be $94 each instead of the $60 we already paid. Did I mention we already paid for these tickets? oh and the pick-up time is really 4:10 so for a crappy 20 minutes they cannot help us. Some great customer service huh? I love how they keep telling me I can rebook but not at the promotional price online that was only online and only when you booked wow how very not helpful. what happened to the customer is always right? okay working in retail I don't entirely buy into that motto but from heaven's sake we bought the tickets we want to use the tickets we bought on the night we bought them for. Yes I am hot under the collar on this one guess we won;t be seeing Penn & Teller this trip.
bad form travelocity bad form and I will take my business elsewhere in the future.

meh kind of over it already the folks at Rio were very nice and told me to still try at travelocity when we arrive so we shall see. The whole nothing we can do mentality seems a bit precarious in this economy. and I mean nothing they did not to try and accommodate us to see the show we already paid for oh they could help us out if we want to pay more but...

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