Sunday, August 30, 2009

however Fred Meyer all about the customer service

I will admit when the new super fancy Kroger opened with a jewelry store inside I did poke a little fun okay a lot of fun...
what a lovely diamond necklace where ever did you pick that up?
oh this 'ol thing it was just next to the dairy section yes take a left at the eggs
Anyway after about a year without my watch do to lack of battery I decided what the hell I would bring it along to the grocery store drop it off while I was picking up my milk & eggs. and so I did they were very friendly and surprise of all surprises when I went to pick up my watch the first battery was free yes free as in no charge for the battery or for putting the battery into the watch for me the real issue all along). The sales girl even reset the watch to the correct time. and quite frankly it looked like Fred Meyer had some nice stuff so with birthday and Christmas fast approaching I did mention this as a possible locale for David to scout out a gift or two for me..wonder if he should bring the kroger shopping card? will those count as point towards a gas purchase?

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Rob Howard said...

I can see this. They were all smiles in there when I dropped in to get some bags of ice (not a metaphor).