Sunday, February 22, 2009

this is how is starts

separate rooms and then before you know it....yes David has moved into the spare room. Only temporarily although I have been giving him crap about it all weekend! Our mattress has seen better days and with his extreme back & neck problems we really should have purchased a new bed well before this week but we didn't, so he has taken up residence in the spare room which has a very comfy twin bed until the new mattress arrives hopefully sometime this week.
Oddly enough his snoring is louder from the spare room than when he is lying right next to me making it harder to smother him with a pillow. On the up side of things he did wake up well rested & not in pain this morning so I suppose we will just have separate bedrooms for a few days.


Chris D said...

Congrats.. Now you're like mom and dad

overtly trite said...

more like mother every day!