Saturday, February 21, 2009

must remember to answer the question

that is answer the question asked not what I think the teacher is asking.
I keep losing really stupid & easy points on my lab assignments and it's annoying! And my own fault so I need to get my s**t together.
The one point I lost that I did not think was fair was on an unknown organism we had to test & identify which I did very well I thought. I was proud of myself because I had been having a little trouble with the microscope during those assignments but it all came together for me that evening also lucky because that was my night for a scope test-a test so the teacher would know that I knew what I was doing-I was dead on or so I thought till I got my data sheet and lost a point because I had identified Staphylococcus epidermidis although the tube my teacher handed allegedly contained Rhodospirillum rubrum. The professor had even looked at my slide so knew my answer based on the data in front of me was correct but the tube said no so I lost a point....I suppose something along the way must have been contaminated but it makes me more apprehensive for our finals which will be a couple of weeks of dealing with unknowns

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