Monday, February 16, 2009

what is our learning curve on this?

so once a week for the past 3 weeks I have been faced with an 8 year old announcing to me as he is getting dressed that he has no clean jeans available.
week 1: I announce to a child in utter shock, horror & bewilderment that perhaps he could wear his church pants. No no that won't do he finds a pair of pants that sort of fit that will work for a day
week 2: the pants that sort of fit last week not so much this week. As luck would have it K-town was experiencing a warm snap so shorts were an acceptable alternative
week 3: this morning same old story except church pants were dirty and it was not shorts weather. They had no school so I threw some jeans in the laundry expecting to have to start my day later than planned but luckily in the interim C found a pair of sweatpants so he wore those to daycare.
we had a little chat in the car on the way in that since mommy was so very busy these days that perhaps he could let me know when he grabbed the last clean pair of jeans so i would not be a surprise as he was going to get ready. And in his infinite wisdom he let me know he knew I was only one person and I could not do it all and that he would be happy to help me out.

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