Monday, February 23, 2009

did you invent the wheel too?

increasingly C comes home with a new joke or "trick" you know like sneezing a word or something equally hilarious that he is claiming as his own or one of his friends. You know the stuff that was going on when we were in grammar school. Not exactly ground breaking stuff going on but hysterical to a 3rd grader. However last night he came to me requesting pancakes & sausage next weekend and this great new chocolate paste you can buy at Target..The child was trying to tell ME about nutella....
new?! ha! as if buddy but yes Mommy will pick some up for this weekend.


JMS said...

I LOVE Nutella! I attribute almost all of my weight gain to this yummy stuff! It's especially great with those big fat pretzel sticks!

Sigh - if I weren't "dieting" (I hate that word) I'd run right out to the store to get me some...right now!

Have fun!

♥ Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

Mr. Booni said...

We get a lot of groundbreaking discoveries from The Boy, as well.