Saturday, October 25, 2008

terrible mother alert!

that's me, bad bad mommy at your service. Got a phone call from MIL first thing this morning, first thing in as I had not even walked into the kitchen to make coffee yet first thing-
"C has been coughing & wheezing he sounds asthmatic and that could lead to pneumonia and you have to take him to the doctor"
now I am well aware of the cough he has had one for a week or so as well as some allergies which is why when I dropped him off yesterday I pointed out the vicks vapor rub to put on last night & the OTC allergy stuff for evenings & mornings, which is when he is at his worst. I have finally learned a thing or two in my 13 years of dealing with MIL so I said sure I will make an appointment this week. Well that was not good enough I needed to take him to one of those weekend clinics which quite frankly I do not do-look at what happened last time! I am just not the type to run him into a doctor at every sniffle and lo and behold he has made it to 8 in fairly decent health, he never did contract TB! I managed to get off of the phone without calling her a loon and called David at work so he could deal with his mother. David didn't give me details but I think we are planning on dropping off a humidifier for her house which should help. Hopefully she has been pacified but I guess we will see, I half expect her to drop him back home putting a crimp into date night.
afternoon update: dropped humidifier off & he seems fine so I have cancelled the order for the iron lung

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Cathy said...

Puh-leeze. You can't let that stuff get to you. Every single time my mother or MIL sees the children, I hear who needs a haircut, whose nails need trimming and whose clothes are too small. Every sore is ringworm or flesh eating bacteria. Every cough is pneumonia. If they scratch they have lice. If they sneeze, my house is too dirty. Just smile and nod your head. If they want to take the children to the doctor for a splinter (because they might need a tetanus shot), let them take them and let them pay. "Oh, well let me know what the doctor tells you. Bye."