Thursday, October 23, 2008

taking to my sick bed

hahaha pretty funny stuff. No went to class, I am at work now, have lab this afternoon, pick up C, get Halloween costume, make dinner, do dishes if I remember to get soap for the dishwasher and probably laundry thrown in at some point for good measure. I miss the days when I got a cold and I could go back to bed and have people fetch me juice and ginger ale, ginger ale with the bendy straw no less 'cause that is the true testament to being sick, the bendy straw.
My voice is starting to catch a little so I am hoping that does not mean laryngitis, always some fun stuff. It reminded me of when C was a toddler and he heard that I had lost my voice the funny little quizzical look on his face "where did it go mommy? I will help you find it" ooo why is my cute little monkey growing up so fast?


A1Mom said...

Moms aren't allowed to be sick!

Byron Chesney said...

Well, no matter how you look at it, being sick stinks!

Lola said...

I always had the ginger ale with a bendy straw and Saltines when I was sick. That was my mother's cure for everything. Feel better!