Monday, October 20, 2008

fall break

not all it's cracked up to be when you are a "mature student" or non-traditional student that's the nice way of putting it isn't it? Since I am so incredibly part-time all it meant for me was no class on Tuesday & no lab on Thursday and all that really boiled down to was more time I could spend at work so no real vacating on my part.
Now C has a full week off for fall break this week. Crazy no? a full week! I do not like it one bit give them a long weekend for Columbus Day or something okay fine but I think a full week off now is disruptive. Why not give the full week at Thanksgiving? Quite a few children(including my own)usually wind up taking it anyway so people can travel or have their tonsils out or something. We have nothing on tap just paying for his care for 4 days this week and he'll get 1 day with MIL which is a vacation onto itself for him.

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