Sunday, October 26, 2008

cheeks..not just for pinching anymore

okay who knew that lamb cheeks would be so down right melt in your mouth tasty? Honestly not me but when we heard that was the appetizer du jour last night at Northshore Brasserie we thought WWBD(what would Bourdain do)? We agreed he'll eat anything so we should be adventurous & order them and of course the escargot for David, followed by pork tenderloin & lamb shank then apple crisp & creme brulee. Start to finish the meal was exquisite far better than one would expect of a restaurant in a strip mall despite ringing endorsements by Missy and many many folks on twitter. I am anxious to try the mussels next time as well as try their brunch and quite frankly have already picked that as my birthday dining experience even though we have a few weeks to go on that!

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