Monday, October 27, 2008

happy monday!

fall break is over & back to reality thank you very much. C did not want to go to bed last night I know he was still up when I went to bed around 10, no idea when he finally went to sleep. I briefly toyed with the idea of letting him sleep in & then driving him to school but hell no if you stay up that late suffer little boy. I have avoided the drive into the Intermediate school thus far-3 schools feed into essentially 1 entrance so I vowed early he would be taking the bus every day for the next several years. Somehow he managed to get ready in time and we headed down to the bus stop. Idle chit chat with some of the other parents, just waiting for the bus, and waiting, and waiting. Once the bus was 15 minutes late we headed back to the house for the car & I drove C in, so we totally could have slept in a little longer..who knew? The drop off was no big deal the other 2 schools do start at different times and it was still very early so the car lines were not crazy yet. Although I will say it doesn't seem to be handled with the precision you see at the Primary School so we'll continue to avoid it as much as possible.

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