Monday, October 27, 2008

and this is why I hate fall break

or at least a full week of fall break...
-first day back 3 assignments he has not finished in class today, he only brought one home tonight to work on not all of them although he swears he did start the others, he just didn't want to have tons of homework
-he at least admitted it was because he was talking to his friends that he did not finish his work
-one was cut & paste a bat together or something equally challenging why you can't do that & talk is beyond me
-forgot his glasses at daycare so he won't have them in school tomorrow
We had him back on track before break them wham bam a week of vacation and he thinks he can goof off again at school. Luckily we are doing the agenda so we can rectify the problem straight away
My learning curve seems to have kicked in(or so I hope) instead of yelling & threatening I think my calm & rational I am very disappointed tone hit more of a nerve with him (again so I hope)


Byron Chesney said...

Yep, we are going through the same crap at my house...with all 3 of them. Ugh!

Mommy of 2 Girls said...

At least he has not been in the principals office yet like your niece. She was grounded for 3 days! Your brother cracked down on her behavior!

No oil to the Brownie Cupcakes. I called Mom and asked.

Good Luck with "C" he is a great kid!

overtly trite said...

one is bad enough if it was 3 I'd be in the funny farm by now!
-brownie cup cakes the updated pillsbury recipe calls for the oil not Mom's original