Saturday, October 11, 2008

random Saturday

-looks like the baby is actually going to make his arrival this weekend luckily much closer to his due date. Niece #1 is dilated to 5cm had a few contractions yesterday but her water has not broken yet. Her husband is on his way from Oklahoma today. She was keeping her legs crossed or something to prevent giving birth last night
-it must have worked we did not get any middle of the night text messages or phone calls
-MIL is very happy she can't wait to send everyone on their way and have her house back although personally I think she will miss the chaos
-C is doing better at his school work & managed an A on a social studies project. He also did a little report on tigers for extra credit that turned out really well. Big thanks to his teacher for giving him the opportunity
-I on the other hand should have studied better for my last exam-got a C but lowest exam score does get dropped and she is giving us extra credit so I will take advantage of that.
-the lab practical I rocked-very happy with that grade!
-my brother mentioned his 9 year old(she would be niece #4 chronologically) has a email so I asked C if he would like one and signed him up this morning.
-thinking about letting him start a blog
-David's birthday was kind of quiet he was suppose to go to Florida again but with the recent job change it was not possible
-we are planning a Sunday brunch with the family but baby birthing may throw a wrench into those plans
-my birthday is next and I am thinking something girly like a spa day
-wish I was headed to blogher with missy & cathy! But I am seriously entertaining the idea of the possibility of blogher 2009. maybe.
-my house needs a good fall cleaning
-I still have way to much laundry to do
-C is trying to convince us wesss is a curse word, but as David said is is just the opposite of east. We think he might be going for wuss? but who knows C certainly doesn't

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