Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grease is the word..

one of the benefits to working in a music store would be well the music! Saw the Grease soundtrack and decided it would cheer me of my rainy day blahs and indeed it has.
The film brought controversy to the neighborhood back in the day, there were 3 of us that were BFFs on my street and our mothers had collectively decided the film was not for our 10 & 11 years old selves. Except one of my school friends was having a birthday party and sure enough it involved going to see Grease and a sleepover(there were always sleepovers at that age) so my mother relented and let me go see the banned movie. It took quite awhile for the girls to get over my betrayal

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Byron Chesney said...

Back in the day, my sister Pam had that Grease album. It was a double album. I accidentally broke one of the records when I was staying home from school with the chicken pox. Boy, was she mad when she came home and found out! But, she was afraid to get near enough to hit me because of the chicken pox.