Monday, October 13, 2008

and still no baby update

thought I was going to be able to tout the latest for bringing on labor-raspberry tea evidently helps bring on the contractions and apparently it did for a little bit, enough for the entourage to set themselves up a the hospital at 9 pm last night but alas they sent the gang back home because niece #1 was not dilating or progressing. She amusingly had convinced herself they would just induce her why I do not know. She started hitting the tea again last night and I suppose a call to the doctor is first on the to-do-list for today. C is hoping she holds out till Thursday that's his pick on the board.

afternoon update: they are back at the hospital did a stress test on niece #1 and an amnio to check on the baby's lung development. Just heard want her to incubate a day or two longer and if she does not go on her own will induce on Thursday. Now a word or two on the baby board that was started-I did not buy in but was offered the 16th last Friday when she was dilated to 5cm and we thought she was going into labor ha ha no thanks. Joking about it yesterday & C piped up he wanted the 16th he had money and that was going to be his day. I tried to talk him out of it, that it would be a bad bet & a waste of money but to no avail and Meemaw offered to put the $10 for him. Anyone care to check and see what date Thursday is?

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