Tuesday, October 14, 2008

costume time

let me start by saying that I am not the sort of person who dresses their pets. Not judging anyone who does I just don't. But Lord help me at Target I actually browsed through the pet costumes. And not just browsed I almost bought Oscar a costume.
A pig costume
Puggy the pig.
I refrained but don't be terribly surprised to see puggy the pig staring back at you on Halloween. And quite frankly I blame C I got exactly 2 Halloweens of picking out his costume. 2 that was it! By the time his third Halloween rolled around he was 2 and in daycare and when I came home with the cutest Kermit the frog costume(if you follow the link I did not pay the $89.99 they are charging for it this year I won't pay over $30 for a Halloween costume, 89.99???), he took one look at it and ran into the other room. I couldn't even get him to try it on so back to the store we went and exchanged it for a Bob the Builder costume. Ever since then the costume is entirely his decision so really it's his fault if I had a couple more years of picking out cute costumes I wouldn't be considering torturing the dog.

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Byron Chesney said...

Bob the Builder is a cutie though! My son is going as a demented clown. He's already been running around the house, wearing his new rubber mask, scaring the crap out of his little sister.

As for the dressing up the dog...I don't think my beagle Gus would appreciate it much, however, I did put antlers on him one time around Christmas so he would look like the Grinch's dog. He didn't like that either.