Friday, September 19, 2008

baby update

so my last update a few weeks ago was incorrect I misread the text message niece was at point that is .6 cm so not so close to birth, whatta expect the phone screen is small! Jump ahead to now and about 33-34 weeks she went off bed rest last Friday, finished up with steroids over the weekend then stopped the anti-contraction medication on Thursday. She has been having some contractions and is dilated to 2cm so it does indeed look like we will have a new baby in the family this weekend!
Of course we are hoping that active labor does not start during the UT game or she might wind up delivering the baby on Alcoa highway....
UPDATE 12:30-contractions are every 20 minutes or so!

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Missybw said...

I was almost born in the back of a '64 Mustang on the way to Jefferson Memorial Hospital so that's proof that lots of good people get their start in back seats! (No, I wasn't conceived there... I don't think anyway.) (FYI My mind's eye just went blind at that last thought!!!)