Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mom of the year

yeah still not me...
C recently complained he was having trouble seeing the board so I made an appointment with the optometrist for both of us, I was due for my annual anyway. Honestly I had considered it might be a bit of subterfuge on his part as he seems to be having trouble with the 3rd grade transition(deserving of it's own blog one of these days). But good grief the minute I saw him trying to read the eye chart poor kid yes he indeed is in need of glasses! They should be here in a week or so pictures to follow.
I of course needed a stronger prescription on my contacts, wonder how Oscar would fair as a seeing eye pooch?

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Jennilu said...

That's ok. Kaylea was legally blind in her left eye and I didn't know it. She said she couldn't see the board too good and I waited for the school to do a vision screen. I thought Kaylea was just being her normal DQ-self! Oh, and have I ever told you about the time I punctured her eardrum with a Q-Tip or the time I almost let her drown in the bathtub? Don't worry, you are in front of me to get the award :)