Thursday, October 2, 2008

not getting away with nuthin'

so little boy didn't hand something in yesterday-I guess all he can manage of behaving & doing all of his work is 1 week at a time. I must admit I probably did overreact & lit into him then I made him call both of his grandmothers to tell them he had a bad day. For the past week he has been calling them to let them know how well he had been doing so I wanted him to know the flip side was going to happen when he screwed up. And I keep saying screwed up but it was 1 assignment and I know this will be an ongoing issue but I would like him mostly on the straight & narrow as far as school is concerned.
the funny thing is C "accidentally" called and left the message on my mom's cell phone not the home phone which is the only number we ever call when calling my folks. My mom has a cell really only for emergencies she hardly ever uses the thing and never mind texts or even checking her voice mail for that matter!

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Lola said...

School is a major pain around here, too. My son fights it on every level, so I feel for you!