Tuesday, September 30, 2008

who says

everybody should own a home? I know someone who should not have been given a home loan and surprise surprise surprise they defaulted on the loan & lost the house not at all shocking when you look at their financial history. I am by no means perfect and am well aware circumstances for folks can change on a dime but a little common sense would not hurt the industry!
When we married both David & I had less than stellar credit but we worked to improve it so we could buy a decent house. And when the time came to purchase we bought a house we could afford not the mortgage we were approved for!
oh and stop asking me if I would like to open a credit card every time I purchase something! First of all if I wanted a credit card I would ask and secondly 10% which while is a discount it's only the tax so not much of a savings in the long run!

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Byron Chesney said...

Amen! It's ridiculous isn't it? I have seen so many people that have went and took out these huge mortgages even though they can't really afford them and then they borrow against it again and have a second. Surprise, now they can't pay either one. Add all of that on top of their huge credit card debt and $400.00 a month car loan...heck, there's no wonder this country is friggin drowning in it's own vomit.