Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I thought the boy was cured

from the whole allergies thing! Wasn't the surgery last year suppose to fix everything? No apparently not because the debilitating allergy season in K-town conquers all in it's path. Got a phone call from the school clinic this afternoon at around 2.15 C had a belly ache-it's all about the sinus/allergy crap we go through this every fall so I told him to go back to class for the last 1/2 hour & I would leave work to pick him up from daycare early. There was no way to make it from work & pick him up without getting caught in the bus & car lines at pick up and quite frankly no not for a vague sort of bellyache anyway. I fell for that once just once last year and no more. And he knows that so I was concerned he was already back to slacking off at school but a quick email from his teacher reassured me he had a good day academically. He came home & slept for a bit had the "sick" dinner of toast, applesauce & ginger ale then after a shower declared himself cured.

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Lola said...

The allergy season in MA this year is the worst I can remember. I'm truly suffering here, as is almost everyone I know. Can't wait for the first killing frosts!