Tuesday, July 1, 2008

finally got the kid out of the house

In the past I have complained about the lack of kiddies in our neighborhood. C is constantly peering out his window trying to figure out if either kid he plays with is around and available for play.
MIL on the other hand has kiddies in her neighborhood one kid lives across the street and C finally met & made friends with him this weekend plus I know of another boy that C was in 1st grade with lives a few houses down the road. I have mentioned more than once that it would be ok for him to go out & play with them, now trips over to mee-maw's house are usually full of going shopping for new toys/games, playing video games & watching movies, eating her out of house and home-generally speaking I have no problem with the indulgence but since he is over there 2 afternoon/evenings a week this summer while I am in class I was glad to hear yesterday she let him out to play. That is after calling D to make sure it was ok and she still walked him across the street but out to play it was indeed! The boys apparently had a rip roaring good time and C came back safe and sound and in one piece having had a great time with plans for more playtime tomorrow.

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