Monday, June 30, 2008

looks like we will trek North after all

normally we head up to CT for the 4th for a week or so to visit with my parents-oh who am I kidding we bring C to visit whether D & I are there is immaterial.
With school & a few other factors I did not think we would be able to work it in this summer. Felt a little bad about it but the parents did get to see their grandson in April when he made his first communion and I think the Christmas trip might be extended a little this year so not a huge deal and one I thought I had conveyed to my mom.
Apparently I did no I got last night "so when are you coming up?"
Oddly enough I think C & I will be able to manage it for the end of July we have a small window of opportunity that might just work. I am just waiting to confirm when my final will be-can't miss that!-and hopefully we will have firm plans by tomorrow
Poor D will be stuck here at home as will Oscar(superpug extraordinaire)...but on the plus side we have central air my parents not so much-end of July you figure out the weather report..
But yay anyway it'll be good to see them!

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