Wednesday, March 26, 2008

even in the second grade

C worked on his diorama project and little report about cougars over spring break and brought it into school yesterday. I was very proud he did a nice job on his project with very little assistance from mommy. Now did I help some-of course I helped with cutting and out offered a suggestion or 2 and one was taken the others ignored it was his project. One was that we get another cougar photo to add to the diorama
"well we will need a huge box because cougars don't live together in fact they mark their territory to warn off other cougars" put mommy in her place thank you very much...
I asked him how some of the others looked well I'm guessing some of these little people had evidently one girl had a light mounted in her diorama. Really? second grade? what the hell good are you doing by pulling crap like that? guess what the teacher spends the day with your child they know what each child is and is not capable of....
huge pet peeve for me

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