Saturday, October 10, 2009

the cell phone

my kid does not need one hell he is only 9 who is he going to call? C is however been absolutely salivating at the thought of having his own cell phone for about the 3 years now. He knows kids that do indeed have one and have had one since kindergarten but I have placed a unilateral ban which includes the possibility his grandmother purchasing him one until we deem necessary-the teen years or perhaps when extracurricular activities are such that he is in need of a ride or something. C is however slowly trying to take over my cell phone by texting his father & cousin, calling his grandmother etc..the amusing thing is when we are out running errands he is increasingly the one with MY cell phone in his pocket in case HE gets a text or call


Jennilu said...

Be strong, my friend. Don't do it!!!!! There is NO good reason for a child to carry a cell phone. Many parents will try to make EXCUSES for why they caved to the pressure their child put on them, but kids don't need to stay connected!

Tom Bailey said...

I connected to you through another blog.

The world is changing in this area... think about how it was when you were a kid.

overtly trite said...

not to worry not going to cave anytime soon. I know times have changed but I just have not heard a valid reason for it yet at this age