Sunday, September 13, 2009

who died and made me cruise director?

our big conversation of the day was:
-didn't the coach say practice was early today?
how would I know? wasn't this the game that I had to drop our son over at your mother's house on my way to class so he would make his game time and it would allow you to work your full shift and sneak home for 10 minutes & grab a bite to eat before heading over to the rest of the game? This would have been the same day I left work early so I could pick C up and feed him something before drop off and game and before I sat through a 3 hour lecture on anatomy & physiology after a full day of work, a full day starting at 5:30 am after yet another crappy night of sleep one in a seemingly endless cycle of crappy nights of sleep
hmm...I was not at the game at all, didn't even drive by the ball field I did not see or speak to the coach and my clairvoyance seems a little off today so in my book practice is still at 3:30 unless I hear otherwise from the coach.
yes yes they managed just fine without me for 4 whole days but in the long run without me here these two would never leave the living room, would be wearing God knows what and eating canned goods & stale popcorn out of the pantry.

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