Sunday, March 1, 2009

be careful what you wish for

C has wanted a sibling for quite awhile now, an older sibling at that and he kind of sort of has one these days. His 15 year old cousin has recently moved to town & he and his father(JJ) are living at MIL's house. This will throw the boys together often more often than C likes right now. At one time he worshipped the ground Z walked on not as much lately. David had the both boys here yesterday and while they got along mostly there was wrestling and I believe a punch to the face at some point as my son as a bruise just above his nose this morning...of course the back story evidently includes an "accidental" kick someplace C should not have been kicking and accident or not I told C he has got to expect a punch if he is kicking there. So poor C has got to learn how to be a little brother and fast in order to keep up. Although judging by sizing in a few years C will easily be bigger than Z and will be able to kick his a** it's just a matter of teaching the boy how to be a little more devilish & sneaky for a few years.


Chris D said...

On behalf of little brothers in this family, more often than not it is the older sis... brother.. who causes the trouble and the innocent younger brother is left to take the wrap. Don't worry Connor, Uncle Chris knows your pain.. Some day soon you'll be bigger and stronger, all you have to do is be patient.

overtly trite said...

you may want to give him some pointers