Friday, March 6, 2009

the bestest cake in the whole wide world

carrot cake seriously. I have no idea who first thought hey let's shred this vegetable and bake it in a cake but sheer brilliance I tell you. I freakin' love carrot cake but not with nuts & raisins that just mucks up the cake. Who needs all that crap in their cake? in my trail mix or yogurt fine okay but leave it outta my cake. And believe you me me carrot cake without the nuts & raisins can be difficult to find. The European bakery I worked out in high school may have made the very best carrot cake ever. Well they made the best cakes ever anyway but the carrot was my favorite, although the mocha was good and this another cake I have never seen or heard from anywhere ever again was a furstpuchler, don't know if that is spelled right but it was a yellow cake with layers of chocolate, strawberry & vanilla butter cream an layer of pineapple preserves and maybe raspberry preserves with a hard chocolate shell. I take that back I found it in a cafe in Mainz Germany but made with ice cream instead of butter cream.
So over all the bake sale at the school carnival tonight was pretty crappy a surprise as the bake sales over at the Primary school were always pretty amazing. Perhaps if they were a little less concerned with having an International flair they would have had a better showing?! I made my spice cake & a basil swirl bread which was a new recipe & looked good, so good I might have to make us one this weekend, after I buy another rolling pin I could not find ours and rolling out dough with a soda can is doable but not so easy.
Right the carrot cake C decided he need to buy something to bring home to daddy and he settled on the carrot cake and I am glad he did it doesn't have nuts & raisins...yummm


Chris Curtin said...

I agree 100%! Of course in a house full of women it's mostly chocolate cake with chocolate frosting by on my birthday I get a carrot cake. Without nuts and raisins!

overtly trite said...

now don't get me wrong chocolate is a very fine cake as well...