Friday, September 12, 2008

tooth fairy

oops forgot to leave her a note or send an email last night.....
C swallowed the one he lost yesterday so she had know way of knowing to stop which is what indeed happened with the very first tooth he lost when he was 4 yes he started early, my mutant baby.
So what does the fairy leave at your house? personally I got a quarter when I was a kid but with inflation and all she leaves a dollar at out house these days


Cathy said...

The tooth fairy leaves dollar coins at our house. Susan B Anthonys, etc. The benefit is that the smaller children would rather save them than spend them.

overtly trite said...

that is a great idea unfortunately I think we are winding sown out tooth losing days but I think I will suggest the tooth fairy find somehting along those lines for tonight's drop off!