Tuesday, September 9, 2008

kids are stupid

so C is friends with a boy who is disabled/developmentally challenged I have no idea what PC term is currently being used. I was talking with the boy's grandmother this morning at the bus stop (she is raising the child and in my opinion should be up for sainthood!) and she asked if C had mentioned anything about the older kids taking pictures with a cell phone. The bottom line being the older kids are making fun of this little boy taking his photo, having him laugh into the cell & recording it and maybe taking pictures of the other little kids as well. So I need to ask C about it this afternoon and I tell you I am tempted to tell him to kick somebody's a** tomorrow but I won't for many reasons. I am not concerned with C's ability to take care of himself he has been well versed never to start a fight but he damn well better finish one if someone starts in with him. Ultimately he is very sweet natured & mean kids have always seem to bewilder him. C just can't understand what they have to be nasty about and admittedly neither can I. And while we're at it why does anyone that young need a cell phone?

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Tug said...

Kids are a direct reflection of their parents. Sounds like those cell phone carrying clowns are not learning much at home...let alone at school.