Sunday, September 7, 2008

fall ball

C had his first baseball game of the fall season yesterday he had base hit, a walk & hit by a ball, it was a good game and his team managed to come from behind & tie it up 10-10 apparently a tie being as good as a win in this league. He has moved up to the Roberto Clemente which is coach pitch for 2 innings then move to kid pitch. It really changes the game for them as they learn, I suppose the key is to score as much as you can the first 2 innings or hope you can get runs walked in as the kids start to pitch which helped our team, that one child was a pretty bad pitcher. You had to feel sorry for him he was trying but it just wasn't working out for him. C knows he is not very good at pitching and shows no real interest which is good David & I have seen way too many episodes of Real Sports that have focused on how pitching hurts young kids! Plus it seems to fall under the odd category of things David did in his youth that he doesn't want C to do-pitch or play football in that category currently. I think he plays 3rd base very well and David thinks he is better in the outfield, although he is pretty strong as catcher I guess we'll see they still move the kids around each inning in this league.
I am curious about the no gum rule this is the first time we have come across it chewing tobacco ok but gum?

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