Tuesday, June 10, 2008

blasphemy for a Tuesday morning

if you are a coffee drinker you may wish to avert your eyes or go on about your morning elsewhere....
I generally speaking spend my days heavily caffeinated
-several cups of coffee in the morning
-caffeinated soda at lunch and another sometimes at dinner
-then during the week I also drink iced tea most of the day(and here comes the first blaspheme) unsweet yes I am a northerner I prefer my tea unsweetened with lemon thank you very much
My first day of class grabbed another cup of coffee just before class to get me to 10 pm, I found myself crashing big time by the time class was over.
Here comes the second blaspheme-next time I tried cutting back on caffeine during the day and lo and behold it helped
REALLY I swear I know it is hard to believe and quite frankly I am still a little dumbfounded myself by this revelation but never fear I fully caffeinate the rest of the week!
D also forced me into drinking on of those horrible vitamin B12 shot things you get a gas stations
holy crap they really work! who knew?


Missybw said...

Bob has cut his caffeine to a point that it's almost non-existent and he feels better than he has in years. I know, weird, but he has more energy than he's had ever since I met him. So I know it works. But I'm not there yet... as I suck on my second cup.

overtly trite said...

don't get me wrong the days I don't have to be fully functioning until 10 pm I am all about the caffeine still!