Sunday, January 22, 2012

why no access to twitter could be a good thing

p/t job has no computer/phone access thank goodness because this would have probably been my timeline earlier this week

-5 hour shift easy peasy
-should have brought more coffee
-lord it is boring working alone
-is it too early to break
-are there enough people working that I can take a break
-only 3 hours & 45 minutes to go
-where are all the customers
-I may have to break down & dust
-a 5 hour shift with only a 15 min break
-I brought a snack bar with me to register should I eat is now?
-sounds like other side of store is busy
-send some customers my way!
-2 hours & 54 minutes to go
-a project or two done
-10:10 reminds me of the radio station up north 1010 wins
-still no break
-getting busier
-music loop is awful
-1 hour 34 minutes
-oh good gravy busy
-finally end of shift never got a break but at least last hour was busy
-now off to other job
-fun fun

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