Friday, July 22, 2011

now I remember why I hate wearing glasses

I got my first pair of contacts when I graduate high school in um well 1985 and have not worn glasses with any sort of regularity since then. Last year I did get a updated pair of back up glasses but since insurance wasn't paying I went for cheap cheap cheap which meant basically coke bottle glasses but I like the frames a bunch and they were just for emergency purposes. Right in the middle of the holidays and David's medical crises my contacts were giving me fits and I could not wear them for much longer than an hour or two at a time and time was not something I had a lot of so I quit wearing contacts altogether. The glasses oddly do not bother like they did years ago except the whole fogging up when you come in & out of a building in the heat or cold it drives me nuts! Can't they invent glasses that don't do that?

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