Monday, May 23, 2011

yeah my car would be the first one they pick

out running errands yesterday and made eye contact with an older gentleman climbing off his motorcycle and it was one of those moments you just know he is gonna talk to you and sure enough he asks me if I just locked my car. Since he saw me hit my key and heard the honk it was kinda of a dumb question but he continued on that I should not lock my car in that manner because someone could be in the parking lot with a device that could copy the code and break into my car & steal stuff. Personally if they are going to break into my car I would prefer they not break a window so stealing the code an improvement, not much to steal however, the towel the dog slobbered on when I took him to the vet last week? empty coffee cup I have been to lazy to throw out? some nasty fries the kid dropped? the sweater I left in the car because the weather can't decide what season this is yet? please feel free to take what you want. Of course out of all the cars in the parking lot there were quite a few that were much nicer & newer than mine so I am seriously doubting mine would be the first choice in the grand scheme of larceny. Little old man just came across as creepy not so much helpful.

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