Tuesday, January 18, 2011

medical update

-is still improving and is on track to start back to work next week-yay!
-still nothing specific could be explained you know the this was what was wrong with you which still leaves me unsettled but it's not something I can do anything about
-still losing hair to beat the band *giant sigh* I did order some hair care stuff a friend recommended but with all the wacky weather around the nation it has not arrived yet fingers crossed it will be at my door step this afternoon..fingers also crossed that it works
-thinking about wig shopping because evidently weaves are hella expensive
-in a related note watch Chris Rock's Good Hair when you get the chance it's great
-my doctor visit was fine he is sending my to a dermatologist about the hair loss thing but that is not till next week
-he did find a lump in my breast that I get checked out tomorrow. No worries I am confident it will be like the last one totally normal fibrous lump. It did how get me thinking I need to be better about checking my breasts monthly as well as getting an regular mammogram now that I am old
-my insurance sucks can't wait to see what I wind up having to pay on this stuff

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Missybw said...

Hoping you find out some answers on both of your fronts. Thinking of you both and sending long-distance hugs.