Monday, August 30, 2010

you know there is running involved right?

imagine my surprise last week when C brings home the permission slip to join the cross country team. His father is always after him to hustle on the ball field, the basketball court, the boy can run he just takes his time, perfect when you are hitting a home run but... I was concerned and gave him several outs before buying running shoes this weekend after the running shoes I told him he was committed and he had to run whether he wanted to or not at that point and in a related note do you know how expensive running shoes are? I did not and was surprised we didn't want to buy him crap shoes but we were certainly not going high end for his first pair. Flas forward picked him up this afternnon after the first practice & he loved it and the shoes were "awesome to run in". Who knew? I should know better than to sell my son short on anything!

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