Sunday, August 29, 2010

sometimes you do get a do-over

a do over of sorts it is costing me money, time, blood, sweat & tears so not exactly a do-over per se and it's not a fun do over at that...yup Anatomy & Physiology I taking it over again this fall. My ego still smarts a bit from last fall I passed but with less than flying colors so I find myself having to suffer through it again. I'm not making excuses (ok yes I am) the professor sucked I don't care how long he has been there or what his position & title are he was horrible and coupled with a difficult class requiring memorizing & spitting back information (not my strong suit) I was destined for not quite failure (I passed did I mention that?). Imagine how thrilled I was this week to see myself dumped into a class with the same professor luckily with a few clicks of the mouse I was able to enroll in the lecture taught by teacher I had this spring for A&P II. Of course looking at her curriculum I am already overwhelmed with how much work she assigns and classes have not even started yet. I am however hopeful that with all of this assigned work maybe I'll learn something this time around and get a much higher grade. A wee bit pissed off that they switched lab manuals this year to one of those customized books a flippin' scam in my opinion but whatever, lab is going to suck regardless the whole looking at the cadaver thing gets old real quick, old & nauseating that is.....Although while screwed out of $$$ by the change in lab manual the curriculum down to the lab reports remains the know the very same completed lab reports still on my flash drive

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