Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spring break

this time for the kiddo and nope not doing anything this year either...there has been talk of a Disney trip for next spring break but of course we were suppose to go this summer right after school let out, that got changed to Thanksgiving at some point and currently I guess it has been dropped altogether for now with hopes for next March. I suppose the only way we will get it done is if I just book it and make a down payment forcing us to actually pay for the trip. Not much going this week hubs & I have work, I have school, although labs were cancelled this week giving me this evening off, C had his sleepover, is spending some time with MIL, has gone to daycare a couple of days and is spending the day with David on Friday doing guy stuff I suppose. Unfortunately I don't have any vacation to spare and take a day off with him this year which bothers me but it cannot be helped. We have some Mommy/C time booked for Saturday starting out at the ihop for breakfast which I am looking forward to

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